How Jojoba Oil Can Help Your Pierced Holes

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil

There are many uses for this oil that is actually a liquid wax. It comes from the seed of the Jojoba plant, pronounced Ho Ho Ba. The plant is a shrub native to southern Arizona, Mexico and southern California. The oil makes up almost half of the seeds weight, the best way to get it out of the seed, the extraction… the most organic I should say, is a method called cold-pressed, which involves no adding of other oils or chemicals for fillers. When pure it is a light golden clear yellow, it has a nutty fragrance and a smooth not greasy texture. It absorbs into the hair and skin easily without residue, making it a favorite in the cosmetic and hair care market. Consumers appreciate organic products on the shelves of their favorite shopping spots more and more these days and will pick up a container of their needed ointments, creams and elixirs much quicker when they recognize the name of a plant used as an ingredient, especially when its known for its natural healing qualities..and rightly so. Rest easily, or rather shop easily my friends… when you find Jojoba at your purchasing fingertips. But read the back, watch for added ingredients and buy the most pure oil that you can find. Some companies will add vegetable oils to the contents, ruining the quality and the healing remedy you are searching for in the first place. It may take just a bit of time to find the most genuine one, but its well worth the effort… and there are a lot of good companies out on shelves these days, all with comparatively reasonable prices.

The most recent use for this oil is for the piercing community and its wounds, healing and stretching. It holds it own.. high up on the ranks right up there with Tea Tree Oil. Lavender Oil and Vitamin E following close behind.. and when in a pinch, good old Virgin Olive Oil works too. Another good point about Jojoba Oil is its vegan, unlike its close competitor Emu oil which is non vegan.

To get the best use and the most benefits out of this gift of nature, message it into your lobes twice a day after cleaning. It keeps them moisturized and helps the healing process move along faster. It can also reduce scarring. Avoid vegetable oils as they tend to become rancid fast, have no healing value and may even cause dryness on some skin types. They also don’t give any relief from scarring at all. Jojoba oil is as close to our own natural skin oil as you can get. Some researchers say its like tricking your skin into thinking it has enough of the oil that it needs to stay healthy… hence the healing and reduced scaring.

Jojoba oil has a shelf life of up to two years. This doenst mean it goes bad in two years or cant be used after the date it just means that the color will change to a darker shade of yellow and may not be suitable for use in making some creams and lotions. State regulations are that the shelf life be shortened when the appearace changes in a product. The shrubs oil is very stable and is longer than Canola oil, safflower oil and almond oil.

Other great uses for this product are:

* Message oil
* Hair moisturizer
* Hair de-frizzer
* Dry Lips
* Dry Cuticles
* Make up remover and facial cleanser
* Use as a treatment for after shaving on the skin
* Can help even out oily and combination skin.

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