Metal Screw Back Flesh Tunnels Gold in Color

Metal Ear Plugs & Tunnels

Metal Ear Plugs & Tunnels

Plugs and tunnels come in many different varieties these days. Thanks to the growing demand of different styles, colors, shapes and sizes that the new rise in ear stretching has created. Though it isn’t a new practice at all, the modification of our earlobes has reached an exciting high in our culture today…for many different reasons.

For some it is to teach and learn patience, others it may be used as a way to ward off evil spirits… depending on the practiced religion. I’ve even heard it being used as a sexual enhancement, but the most common reason is purely to satisfy the human need to be beautiful and different, displaying ones individuality while belonging to a group at the same time. It’s a wonderful freedom to have.

The metal screw back type of plug has a couple of different qualities to it that may seem just what the doctor ordered for some individuals. Metal being a material easy to keep clean should be high on the “Reasons to Choose Metal” list. Please don’t forget the importance of keeping your stretched ears clean by taking them out in your daily shower and using soap and water on them, just like the rest of your body. I work in a retail shop where plugs are among our top sellers and I’ve smelled some pretty interesting individuals! Hence the rumor that stretched ears stink. Well, that’s only true if you don’t wash them every day. But it’s also true that different materials affect people in different ways. Okay, maybe I’m being harsh… In the beginning of then stretching process it’s not recommended to take out the taper that is being used to size up the hole every day. So I guess that can be an excuse for some. But while in the shower you can soap it up and turn it and push it back and forth go get fresh water in and out of the hole. This may be painful and might not be possible for a couple of days but the attempt should defiantly be made. Back to the point of metal being high on the list of a good choice, Metal seems to have less of an effect on peoples skin than acrylic does. I’ve seen a higher percentage of folks come in the shop complaining of itchiness and the weird smell that comes with the process when an acrylic piece has been used than with metal. Maybe, because it’s closer to an organic material than plastic? That’s my guess.

Gold Metal Screw backs are very cool in my opinion because they have a wide rim around the edge that have the presence of a plug, but also have a tunnel through the center of it, the “Flesh Tunnel”. They come in a variety of colors, Gold being the one of subject at the moment. It is a warm color that represents generosity. It symbolizes a person who is giving, loving and compassionate. Some people think the color can bring good health and wealth into your life if it is worn. King Tut was said to have had 10 mm holes in his lobes. That’s just a little bit bigger than an OO (double zero); I can imagine his were gold. He most likely had tunnels, solid plugs and a jeweled incrusted collection that would make our community of body jewelry lovers with stretched ears drool.

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