Rose Wooden Plugs of Color

Wooden Rose Ear Plugs

Wooden Rose Ear Plugs

Available for your purchasing pleasure at our Wooden Ear Plugs Section you will find some pretty keep worthy pieces of body jewelry. This isn’t your average buy it on line, receive it at your door step, open the package then toss aside with disappointment in your sighing breath. No… You’ll find quality here.

The Roses I want to take a minute to tell you about in this short article are made from a material known as Acrylic, AKA… plastic. They are single flared so a silicone band is needed to be worn on the back of these plugs in order to keep them in place. In your ear, not on your pillow or found under your bed, tangled in your sheets… that is if you decide to sleep in them. Everyone has a different preference as to what type is most comfortable to sleep in, that’s a different subject matter all together.

These Roses come in a variety of four different colors for your wardrobes pleasure. Red, Black, Turquoise and Purple. Though the Purple maybe considered more of a violet color, it’s still a very recognizable purple.

Throughout time colors of flowers have had meanings behind them. Mostly this practice was used in the Victorian age, but the secret language of color coded flora is still used today by many romantics, secret agents and folks who feel the need to get their point across in an understated but subconsciously known way.

For instance, you would give a pair of these BLACK ROSE  plugs to a person who you are inviting to start a relationship…or more like to start a bad relationship that has died out over. Because the Black Rose symbolizes death as well as rebirth. They would also be a perfect parting gift for a person that you are telling to “F” off I never want to see you again! But being the classy person you are, you do it in a private joke known only to yourself…not wanting to make the other person feel any worse than they already will be after losing your attention and affection.

The RED ROSE would be used in a message of True Love, New Love or a metaphor of deep emotion to whatever point you may be trying to get across. In Greek and Roman mythology red is closely tied to the Goddess of Love. So choose wisely who you choose to give these to. Or don’t give them as a gift to anyone else but yourself. Spread the feeling of love and respect through the good vibe you’ll be giving off while wearing these in your own fashion statement.

The TURQOUISE ROSE plugs look great on folks with dark hair, and as far as the meaning goes… they stand for imagination. Dreamers would appreciate a blue rose of any sort; they are unobtainable in this world we live in. Unless they are dyed or fabricated in some way. So when one is found or obtained it is treasured and sparks the imagination.

LAVENDER ROSES represent deep adoration. Majestic and opulent is how you feel the person on the receiving end of this gift of purple roses shines. If this pair is destined to stay in your own collection, wear them on days and nights that you want to be seen as Royalty. Let folks know they should love you as much as you love yourself. Your worth it xo

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